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SIGMOD 2016: Accepted Research Papers

  • Transaction Healing: Scaling Optimistic Concurrency Control on Multicores
    Yingjun Wu (National University of Singapo); Chee Yong Chan (National University of Singapore); Kian-Lee Tan (National University of Singapore)
  • A Hybrid Approach to Functional Dependency Discovery
    Thorsten Papenbrock (Hasso Plattner Institute); Felix Naumann (Hasso Plattner Institute)
  • GTS: A Fast and Scalable Graph Processing Method based on Streaming Topology to GPUs
    Min-Soo Kim (DGIST); Kyu-Hyeon An (DGIST); Himchan Park (DGIST); Hyunseok Seo (DGIST); Jinwook Kim (DGIST)
  • Fast Multi-column Sorting in Main-Memory Column-Stores
    Wenjian Xu (Hong Kong Polytechnic University); Ziqiang Feng (Hong Kong Polytechnic University); Eric Lo (Polytecnic University of Hong Kong)
  • RDFind: Scalable Conditional Inclusion Dependency Discovery in RDF Datasets
    Sebastian Kruse (Hasso Plattner Institute); Anja Jentzsch (Hasso Plattner Institute); Thorsten Papenbrock (Hasso Plattner Institute); Zoi Kaoudi (Qatar Computing Research Institute); Jorge Quiane-Ruiz (Qatar Computing Research Institute); Felix Naumann (Hasso Plattner Institute)
  • Stop-and-Stare: Optimal Sampling Algorithms for Viral Marketing in Billion-scale Networks
    Hung Nguyen (Virginia Commonwealth Uni); My Thai (University of Florida); Thang Dinh (VCU)
  • Adaptive Logging: Optimizing Logging and Recovery Costs in Distributed In-memory Databases
    Chang Yao (NUS); Divyakant Agrawal; Gang Chen (Zhejiang University); Beng Chin Ooi (National University of Singapore); Sai Wu (Zhejiang University)
  • DualSim: Parallel Subgraph Enumeration in a Massive Graph on a Single Machine
    Hyeonji Kim (DB Lab, POSTECH); JuneYoung Lee; Sourav S. Bhowmick (Nanyang Technological University); Wook-Shin Han (POSTECH); Jeong Hoon Lee; Seongyun Ko (POSTECH); Moath Jarrah (POSTECH)
  • Expressive Query Construction through Direct Manipulation of Nested Relational Results
    Eirik Bakke (MIT); David Karger (MIT CSAIL)
  • Local Similarity Search for Unstructured Text
    Pei Wang (Nagoya University); Chuan Xiao (Nagoya University); Jianbin Qin (The University of New South Wales); Wei Wang (The University of New South Wales); Xiaoyang Zhang (The University of New South Wales); Yoshiharu Ishikawa (Nagoya University)
  • Enabling Incremental Query Re-Optimization
    Mengmeng Liu (UPENN); Zachary Ives (University of Pensylvania); Boon Loo (UPENN)
  • EmptyHeaded: A Relational Engine for Graph Processing
    Christopher Aberger (Stanford University); Susan Tu (Stanford University); Kunle Olukotun (Stanford University); Christopher Re (Stanford University)
  • Robust and Noise Resistant Wrapper Induction
    Tim Furche (Oxford University); Jinsong Guo (Oxford University); Sebastian Maneth; Christian Schallhart
  • Publishing Attributed Social Graphs with Formal Privacy Guarantees
    Zachary Jorgensen (North Carolina State University); Ting Yu (QCRI); Graham Cormode (Warwick University)
  • Diversified Top-k Subgraph Querying in a Large Graph
    Yang Zhengwei (CUHK); Ada Wai-Chee Fu (The Chinese University of Hong Kong); Ruifeng Liu (CUHK)
  • Efficient and Progressive Group Steiner Tree Search
    Rong-Hua LI (Shenzhen University, China); Lu Qin (University of Technology Sydne); Jeffrey Xu Yu (CUHK); Rui Mao (Shenzhen University)
  • DBSherlock: A Performance Diagnostic Tool for Transactional Databases
    Dong Young Yoon (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor); Ning Niu; Barzan Mozafari (University of Michigan)
  • GeckoFTL: Scalable Flash Translation Techniques For Very Large Flash Devices
    Niv Dayan (Harvard University); Philippe Bonnet (IT University of Copenhagen); Stratos Idreos (Harvard University)
  • Speedup Graph Processing by Graph Ordering
    Hao Wei (Chinese University of Hong Kong); Jeffrey Xu Yu (CUHK); Can LU (CUHK); Xuemin Lin (University of New South Wales)
  • Generating Preview Tables for Entity Graphs
    Ning Yan (Huawei); Sona Hasani (University of Texas Arlington); Abolfazl Asudeh (University of Texas-Arlington); Chengkai Li (UT Arlington)
  • Reducing the Storage Overhead of Main-Memory OLTP Databases with Hybrid Indexes
    Huanchen Zhang (Carnegie Mellon University); David Andersen (Carnegie Mellon University); Andy Pavlo (Carnegie Mellon University); Michael Kaminsky (Intel Labs); Lin Ma (Carnegie Mellon University); Rui Shen (Carnegie Mellon University)
  • Graph Stream Summarization
    Nan Tang (QCRI); Qing Chen (QCRI); Prasenjit Mitra (QCRI)
  • GPL: A GPU-based Pipelined Query Processing Engine
    Jiong He (NTU); Paul Johns (Nanyang Technological University); Bingsheng He (Nanyang Technological University)
  • Distributed Set Reachability
    Sairam Gurajada (MPI Informatics); Martin Theobald (University of Ulm)
  • T-Part: Partitioning of Transactions for Forward-Pushing in Deterministic Database Systems
    Shan-Hung Wu (National Tsing Hua University); Tsai-Yu Feng (National Tsing Hua University); Meng-Kai Liao( National Tsing Hua University); Shao-Kan Pi (National Tsing Hua University); Yu-Shan Lin (National Tsing Hua University)
  • Matrix Sketching Over Sliding Windows
    Zhewei Wei (Renmin University of China); Xuancheng Liu (Johns Hopkins University); Feifei Li (University of Utah); Shuo Shang (China University of Petroleum, Beijing); Xiaoyong Du (Renmin Univ. China); Ji-Rong Wen (Renmin University of China)
  • Distributed Wavelet Thresholding for Maximum Error Metrics
    Ioannis Mytilinis (NTUA); Dimitris Tsoumakos; Nectarios Koziris
  • Bridging the Archipelago between Row-Stores and Column-Stores for Hybrid Workloads
    Joy Arulraj (Carnegie Mellon University); Andy Pavlo (Carnegie Mellon University); Prashanth Menon (Carnegie Mellon University)
  • Functional Dependencies for Graphs
    Wenfei Fan (Univsersity of Edinburgh); Yinghui Wu (Washington State University); Jingbo Xu (University of Edinburgh)
  • Sequential Data Cleaning: A Statistical Approach
    Aoqian Zhang; Shaoxu Song (Tsinghua University); Jianmin Wang (Tsinghua University)
  • Range-based Obstructed Nearest Neighbor Queries
    Huaijie Zhu (Northeastern University, China); Xiaochun Yang (Northeastern University, China); Bin Wang; Wang-Chien Lee (Pennsylvania State University, USA)
  • Wander Join: Online Aggregation via Random Walks
    Feifei Li (University of Utah); Bin Wu; Ke Yi (HKUST); Zhuoyue Zhao
  • Efficient Subgraph Matching by Postponing Cartesian Products
    Fei Bi (University of New South Wales); Lijun Chang (University of New South Wales); Xuemin Lin (University of New South Wales); Lu Qin (University of Technology Sydne); Wenjie Zhang
  • Simba: Efficient In-Memory Spatial Analytics
    Dong Xie (University of Utah); Feifei Li (University of Utah); Bin Yao (Shanghai JIao Tong University); Gefei Li (Shanghai JIao Tong University); Liang Zhou (Shanghai JIao Tong University); Minyi Guo (Shanghai JIao Tong University)
  • Graph Analytics Through Fine-Grained Parallelism
    Zechao Shang (CUHK); Feifei Li (University of Utah); Jeffrey Xu Yu (CUHK); Zhiwei Zhang (CUHK); Hong Cheng (CUHK)
  • SQL Schema Design: Foundations, Normal Forms, and Normalization
    Henning Koehler (Massey University); Sebastian Link (The University of Auckland)
  • iOLAP: Managing Uncertainty for Efficient Incremental OLAP
    Kai Zeng (Microsoft); Sameer Agarwal (Databricks Inc.); Ion Stoica (UC Berkeley)
  • Optimization of Nested Queries using the NF2 Algebra
    Jürgen Hölsch (University of Konstanz); Michael Grossniklaus (University of Konstanz); Marc Scholl (University of Konstanz)
  • Interactive and Deterministic Data Cleaning
    Jian He; Enzo Veltri; Donatello Santoro; Guoliang Li (Tsinghua University); Gianni Mecca (Universita della Basilicata); Paolo Papotti (QCRI); Nan Tang (QCRI)
  • SLING: A Near-Optimal Index Structure for SimRank
    Boyu Tian (Shanghai Jiao Tong University); Xiaokui Xiao (Nanyang Technological University)
  • How to Architect a Query Compiler
    Amir Shaikhha (EPFL); Yannis Klonatos (EPFL); lionel Parreaux (EPFL); Lewis Brown; Mohammad Dashti (EPFL); Christoph Koch (EPFL)
  • Data Polygamy: The Many-Many Relationships among Urban Spatio-Temporal Data Sets
    Fernando Chirigati (NYU); Harish Doraiswamy (New York University); Theodoros Damoulas (University of Warwick); Juliana Freire (NYU)
  • How to win a hot dog eating contest
    Milos Nikolic (EPFL); Christoph Koch (EPFL); Mohammad Dashti (EPFL)
  • Similarity Join over Array Data
    Weijie Zhao (UC Merced); Florin Rusu (UC Merced); Bin Dong (LBNL); John Wu (LBNL)
  • PrivateClean: Data Cleaning and Differential Privacy
    Sanjay Krishnan (UC Berkeley); Jiannan Wang (UC Berkeley); Tim Kraska (Brown University); Ken Goldberg; Michael Franklin (UC Berkeley)
  • Sample + Seek: Approximating Aggregates with Distribution Precision Guarantee
    Bolin Ding (Microsoft); Silu Huang (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL); Surajit Chaudhuri (Microsoft); Kaushik Chakrabarti (Microsoft Research); Chi Wang (Microsoft Research, Redmond, WA)
  • Spheres of Influence for More Effective Viral Marketing
    Yasir Mehmood; Francesco Bonchi (Yahoo Labs, Barcelona); David Garcia-Soriano (Eurecat)
  • FPTree: A Hybrid SCM-DRAM Persistent and Concurrent B-Tree for Storage Class Memory
    Ismail Oukid (TU Dresden); Johan Lasperas (TU Berlin & Ecole Centrale Paris); Anisoara Nica (SAP SE); Thomas Willhalm (Intel GmbH); Wolfgang Lehner (TU Dresden)
  • Cost-Effective Crowdsourced Entity Resolution: A Partial-Order Approach
    Chengliang Chai; Guoliang Li (Tsinghua University); Jian Li (Tsinghua University); Dong Deng (Tsinghua University); Jianhua Feng (Tsinghua University)
  • iBFS: Concurrent Breadth-First Search on GPUs
    Hang Liu; Howie Huang (GWU); Yang Hu
  • Towards Best Region Search for Data Exploration
    Kaiyu Feng (Nanyang Technological University); Gao Cong (NTU); Sourav S Bhowmick (Nanyang Technological University); Wen-Chih Peng; Chunyan Miao (Nanyang Technological University)
  • Continuous Influence Maximization: What Discounts Should We Offer to Social Network Users?
    Yu Yang (Simon Fraser University); Xiangbo Mao (Simon Fraser University); Jian Pei (Simon Fraser University); Xiaofei He (Zhejiang University)
  • AT-GIS: Highly Parallel Spatial Query Processing with Associative Transducers
    Peter Ogden (Imperial College London); Peter Pietzuch (Imperial College London); David Thomas
  • Set-based Similarity Search for Time Series
    Jinglin Peng; Hongzhi Wang (Harbin Institute of Technology); Jianzhong Li (Harbin Institute of Technology); Hong Gao
  • ROLL: Fast In-Memory Generation of Gigantic Scale-free Networks
    Ali Hadian (Iran University of Sci & Tech.); Sadegh Nobari (Innopolis University); Behrouz Minaei-Bidgoli (Iran University of Science and Technology); Qiang Qu (Innopolis University)
  • Quickr: Lazily Approximating Complex AdHoc Queries in BigData Clusters
    Srikanth Kandula (Microsoft); Anil Shanbhag (Microsoft/ MIT); Aleksandar Vitorovic (EPFL); Matt Olma (Microsoft); Robert Grandl (Microsoft); Surajit Chaudhuri (Microsoft); Bolin Ding (Microsoft)
  • Top-k Relevant Semantic Place Retrieval on Spatial RDF Data
    Jieming Shi (The University of Hong Kong); Dingming Wu (The University of Hong Kong); Nikos Mamoulis (U. Hong Kong)
  • An Effective Syntax for Bounded Relational Queries
    Yang Cao (University of Edinburgh); Wenfei Fan (Univsersity of Edinburgh)
  • THEMIS: Fairness in Federated Stream Processing under Overload
    Evangelia Kalyvianaki (City University London); Marco Fiscato; Theodoros Salonidis (IBM); Peter Pietzuch
  • Query Planning for Evaluating SPARQL Property Paths
    Nikolay Yakovets (York University); Parke Godfrey (York University); Jarek Gryz (York University)
  • FluxQuery: An Execution Framework for Highly Interactive Query Workloads
    Roee Ebenstein (The Ohio State University); Niranjan Kamat (The Ohio State University); Arnab Nandi (Ohio State University)
  • Time Adaptive Sketches (Ada-Sketches) for Summarizing Data Streams
    Anshumali Shrivastava (Rice University); Christian Konig (Microsoft Research); Mikhail Bilenko (Microsoft Research)
  • Scalable Pattern Sharing on Event Streams
    Medhabi Ray; Chuan Lei (WPI); Elke Rundensteiner (WPI)
  • Graph Indexing for Shortest-Path Finding over Dynamic Sub-Graphs
    Mohamed Hassan (Purdue University); Walid Aref (Purdue University); Ahmed Aly (Purdue University)
  • Scaling Multicore Databases via Constrained Parallel Execution
    Zhaoguo Wang (New York University); Yang Cui (New York University); Han Yi (Shanghai Jiao Tong University); Shuai Mu (New York University); Haibo Chen (Shanghai Jiao Tong University); Jinyang Li (New York University)
  • TicToc: Time Traveling Optimistic Concurrency Control
    Xiangyao Yu (MIT); Andy Pavlo (Carnegie Mellon University); Daniel Sanchez (MIT); Srinivas Devadas (MIT)
  • Robust Query Processing in Co-Processor-accelerated Databases
    Sebastian Breß (TU Dortmund University); Henning Funke (TU Dortmund University); Jens Teubner (TU Dortmund University)
  • Adding Counting Quantifiers to Graph Patterns
    Wenfei Fan (Univsersity of Edinburgh); Yinghui Wu (Washington State University); Jingbo Xu (University of Edinburgh)
  • Hybrid Pulling/Pushing for I/O-Efficient Distributed and Iterative Graph Computing
    Zhigang Wang (Northeastern University); Yu Gu (Northeastern University, China); Yubin Bao (Northeastern University, China); Ge Yu; Jeffrey Xu Yu( CUHK)
  • Learning Linear Regression Models over Factorized Joins
    Dan Olteanu (Oxford University & LogicBlox); Maximilian Schleich (University of Oxford); Radu Ciucanu (University of Oxford)
  • PrivTree: A Differentially Private Algorithm for Hierarchical Decompositions
    Jun Zhang (NTU Singapore); Xiaokui Xiao (Nanyang Technological University); Xing Xie (Microsoft Research Asia)
  • Holistic Influence Maximization: Combining Scalability and Efficiency with Opinion-Aware Models
    Sainyam Galhotra (XRCI); Akhil Arora (XRCI); Shourya Roy (XRCI)
  • LazyLSH: Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search for Multiple Distance Functions with a Single Index
    Yuxin Zheng (NUS); Qi Guo (NUS); Anthony Tung (National University of Singapore); Sai Wu (Zhejiang University)
  • Principled evaluation of differentially private algorithms using DPBench
    Michael Hay (Colgate); Ashwin Machanavajjhala (Duke U.); Gerome Miklau (University of Massachusetts Amherst); Yan Chen (Duke University); Dan Zhang (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
  • Adaptive Indexing over Encrypted Numeric Data
    Panagiotis Karras (Skoltech); Artyom Nikitin; Muhammad Saad; Rudrika Bhatt; Denis Antyukhov; Stratos Idreos (Harvard University)
  • Topic Exploration in Spatio-Temporal Document Collections
    Kaiqi Zhao (Nanyang Technological University); Lisi Chen (NTU); Gao Cong (NTU)
  • An Efficient MapReduce Cube Algorithm for Varied Data Distributions
    Eyal Altshuler (Tel-Aviv University); Tova Milo (Tel Aviv University)
  • Towards a Non-2PC Transaction Management in Distributed Database Systems
    Qian Lin (NUS); Pengfei Chang (NUS); Gang Chen (ZJU); Beng Chin Ooi (National University of Singapore); Kian-Lee Tan (National University of Singapore); Zhengkui Wang (NUS)
  • Automatic Generation of Normalized Relational Schemas from Nested Key-Value Data
    Daniel Abadi (Yale University); Michael DiScala
  • Data Blocks: Hybrid OLTP and OLAP on Compressed Storage using both Vectorization and Compilation
    Harald Lang (TU Munich); Tobias Muehlbauer (TU Munich); Florian Funke (Snowflake Computing); Peter Boncz (CWI Amsterdam); Thomas Neumann (TU Munich); Alfons Kemper (TU Munich)
  • Extracting Equivalent SQL From Imperative Code in Database Applications
    Venkatesh Emani (IIT Bombay); Karthik Ramachandra (Microsoft); S. Sudarshan (IIT Bombay); Subhro Bhattacharya (Citrix)
  • A Fast Randomized Algorithm for Multi-Objective Query Optimization
    Immanuel Trummer (EPFL); Christoph Koch (EPFL)
  • Sampling-Based Query Re-Optimization
    Wentao Wu (University of Wisconsin-Madison); Jeffrey Naughton (University of Wisconsin-Madison); Harneet Singh
  • Streaming Algorithms for Robust Distinct Elements
    Di Chen (HKUST); Qin Zhang (Indiana University Bloomington)
  • Micro-architectural Analysis of In-memory OLTP
    Utku Sirin (EPFL); Pinar Tozun (IBM Research); Danica Porobic (EPFL); Anastasia Ailamaki (EPFL)
  • An Experimental Comparison of Thirteen Relational Equi-Joins in Main Memory
    Stefan Schuh (Saarland University); Jens Dittrich (Saarland University); Xiao Chen (Saarland University)
  • A Hybrid B+-Tree as Solution for In-Memory Indexing on CPU-GPU Heterogeneous Computing Platforms
    Amirhesam Shahvarani (Technical University Munich); Hans-Arno Jacobsen (Technical University Munich)
  • Dynamic Prefetching of Data Tiles for Interactive Visualization
    Leilani Battle (MIT); Michael Stonebraker (MIT); Remco Chang (Tufts University)
  • Sharing-Aware Outlier Analytics over High-Volume Data Streams
    Lei Cao (Worcester Polytechnic Institute); Jiayuan Wang (Worcester Polytechnic Institute); Elke Rundensteiner (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
  • A Study of Sorting Algorithms on Approximate Memory
    Bingsheng He (Nanyang Technological University); Shunning Jiang (Nanyang Technological University); Shuang Chen (Nanyang Technological University); Xueyan Tang (Nanyang Technological University)
  • Estimating the Impact of Unknown Unknowns on Aggregate Query Results
    Yeounoh Chung (Brown University); Tim Kraska (Brown University); Carsten Binnig (Brown University); Michael Lind Mortensen (Aarhus University)
  • SHARE Interface in Flash Storage for Relational and NoSQL Databases
    Gihwan Oh (Sungkyunkwan Univ.); Chiyoung Seo (Couchbase Inc.); Ravi Mayuram (Couchbase); Yang-Suk Kee (Samsung Semiconductor Inc.); Sang-Won Lee (Sungkyunkwan University)
  • Practical Private Range Search Revisited
    Ioannis Demertzis (Technical University of Crete); Minos Garofalakis; Antonios Deligiannakis (Technical University of Crete); Stavros Papadopoulos (Intel Labs and MIT); Odysseas Papapetrou
  • Distributed Evaluation of Top-k Temporal Joins
    Julien Pilourdault (Univ. Grenoble Alpes LIG, CNRS); Sihem Amer-Yahia (CNRS/LIG); Vincent Leroy (Univ. Grenoble Alpes, LIG, CNRS)
  • Truss Decomposition of Probabilistic Graphs: Semantics and Algorithms
    Xin Huang (UBC); Wei Lu (University of British Columbia); Laks Lakshmanan (University of British Columbia)
  • UpBit: Scalable In-Memory Updatable Bitmap Indexing
    Manos Athanassoulis (Harvard University); Zheng Yan (University of Maryland); Stratos Idreos (Harvard University)
  • Range Thresholding on Streams
    Miao Qiao (ADSC Singapore); Junhao Gan (Chinese University of Hong Kong); Yufei Tao (University of Queensland)
  • Low-Overhead Asynchronous Checkpointing in Main-Memory Database Systems
    Kun Ren (Yale University); Thaddeus Diamond (Yale University); Daniel Abadi (Yale University); Alexander Thomson (Google)
  • Learning-Based Cleansing for Indoor RFID Data
    Asif Iqbal Baba (Aalborg University); Manfred Jaeger (Aalborg University); Hua Lu (Aalborg University); Torben Bach Pedersen (Aalborg University); Wei-Shinn Ku (Auburn University); Xike Xie (Aalborg University)
  • SABER: Window-Based Hybrid Stream Processing for Heterogeneous Architectures
    Alexandros Koliousis; Matthias Weidlich (Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin); Raul Castro Fernandez; Paolo Costa; Alexander Wolf; Peter Pietzuch (Imperial College London)
  • Elastic Pipelining In an In-Memory Database Cluster
    Li Wang; Zhou Minqi (East China Normal University); Zhenjie Zhang (ADSC); Yin Yang; Aoying Zhou
  • ERMIA: Fast memory-optimized database system for heterogeneous workloads
    Kangnyeon Kim (University of Toronto); Tianzheng Wang (University of Toronto); Ryan Johnson (LogicBlox); Ippokratis Pandis (Cloudera)
  • Scalable Approximate Query Tracking over Highly Distributed Data Streams
    Nikos Giatrakos (Technical University of Crete); Antonios Deligiannakis (Technical University of Crete); Minos Garofalakis
  • Big Data Analytics with Datalog Queries on Spark
    Alexander Shkapsky (UCLA); Mohan Yang (UCLA); Matteo Interlandi (UCLA); Hsuan Chiu; Tyson Condie (UCLA); Carlo Zaniolo (UCLA)
  • Publishing Graph Degree Distribution with Node Differential Privacy
    Wei-Yen Day (Purdue University); Ninghui Li (Purdue University); Min Lyu
  • Augmented Sketch: Faster and More Accurate Stream Processing
    Pratanu Roy (ETH Zurich); Arijit Khan (Nanyang Technological University); Gustavo Alonso (ETH Zurich)
  • Accelerating Relational Databases by Leveraging Remote Memory and RDMA
    Feng Li (Microsoft Research); Sudipto Das (Microsoft Research); Manoj Syamala (Microsoft Research); Vivek Narasayya (Microsoft Research)
  • Tornado: A System for Real-Time Iterative Analysis over Evolving Data
    Xiaogang Shi (Peking University); Bin Cui (Peking U.); Yingxia Shao (Peking University); Yunhai Tong (Peking University)
  • TARDiS: A Branch-and-Merge Approach To Weak Consistency
    Natacha Crooks (UT Austin); Youer Pu (UT Austin); Nancy Estrada; Trinabh Gupta; Lorenzo Alvisi (UT Austin); Allen Clement
  • To Join or Not to Join? Thinking Twice about Joins before Feature Selection
    Arun Kumar (Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison); Jeffrey Naughton (University of Wisconsin-Madison); Jignesh Patel (University of Wisconsin); Xiaojin Zhu (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
  • Towards Globally Optimal Crowdsourcing Quality Management: The Uniform Worker Setting
    Akash Das Sarma (Stanford University); Aditya Parameswaran (UIUC); Jennifer Widom (Stanford University)
  • Ontological Pathfinding: Mining First-Order Knowledge from Large Knowledge Bases
    Yang Chen (University of Florida); Sean Goldberg (University of Florida); Daisy Zhe Wang (University of Florida); Soumitra Siddharth Johri (University of Florida)
  • Constraint-Variance Tolerant Data Repairing
    Shaoxu Song (Tsinghua University); Han Zhu (Tsinghua University); Jianmin Wang (Tsinghua University)
  • Privacy Preserving Subgraph Matching on Large Graphs in Cloud
    Zhao Chang; Lei Zou; Feifei Li (University of Utah)
  • SQLShare: Results from a Multi-Year SQL-as-a-Service Experiment
    Shrainik Jain (University of Washington); Bill Howe (University of Washington); Dominik Moritz; Ed Lazowska (University of Washington); Dan Halperin (University of Washington)
  • Design Principles for Scaling Multi-core OLTP Under High Contention
    Kun Ren (Yale University); Jose Faleiro (Yale University); Daniel Abadi (Yale University)
  • Closing the Functional and Performance Gap between SQL and NoSQL
    Zhen Hua Liu; Beda Hammerschmidt; Doug. Mcmahon; Ying Lu; Hui Chang
  • Towards a Hybrid Design for Fast Query Processing in DB2 with BLU Acceleration Using Graphical Processing Units
    Sina Meraji; Berni Schiefer; Lan Pham; Lee Chu; Peter Kokosielis; Adam Storm; Wayne Young; Chang Ge; Geoffrey Ng; Kajan Kanagaratnam
  • Multi-Source Uncertain Entity Resolution at Yad Vashem
    Tomer Sagi; Avigdor Gal; Omer Barkol; Ruth Bergman; Alexander Avram
  • Datometry Hyper-Q: Bridging the Gap Between Real-Time and Historical Analytics
    Lyublena Antova; Rhonda Baldwin; Derrick Bryant; Tuan Cao; Michael Duller; John Eshleman; Zhongxian Gu; Entong Shen; Mohamed Soliman; F. Michael Waas

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